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Armor Bearer

The Armorbearers class is first and foremost a leadership class.  Before you can lead, you must learn to follow.  This class will teach you both.  You will learn to lead like Jesus led.  Following successfully is dependent on getting the job done while interacting harmoniously with others on your team. Once you have proven yourself to possess the traits of responsibility, obedience, servant hood, stewardship, and dependability, God can use you in a leadership role to further His kingdom.

To lead or follow effectively, you must learn to work harmoniously with those around you. Armorbearers class teaches you recognize the pitfalls that satan uses to turn Christians against each other. We must work in unity and harmony while supporting the pastor and his vision for our local church. This class will help you identify your own unique personality. You will discover your unique personality profile and how it affects your interactions with others. The class will also teach you about other’s personalities and how to work with others that differ from yourself.

The class will also help you to identify your special spiritual gifts.  If you have a general idea of your talents given to you by God, you can prayerfully consider where you might serve our church and pastors.

The texts used in the Armorbearers course are God’s Armorbearer, Volume 1 & 2 and God’s Armorbearer, “Running With Your Pastor’s Vision.”

Some subjects included are:

  • 1. Get plugged into the power source
  • 2. Get out of the comfort zone and into the gift zone
  • 3. Step into the challenge zone and run to the end zone
  • 4. Get ready to become a voice and not an echo
  • 5. It’s time to stand with your pastor
  • 6. Become a kingdom minded leader
  • 7. Release the members into their ministry


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