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ELEV8 Youth

ELEV8 Youth is a great program that is designed for the youth of Amazing Grace, ages 12-19 years old. It is where the future leaders of Amazing Grace are being molded and discipled into productive, responsible, evangelistic young adults. Many teens come to church because they are in need and in search of family support and sound direction. We feel it is the responsibility of Amazing Grace to take advantage of every opportunity to reach out to the teens in Mohave County.

The mission of ELEV8 Youth Ministry is to equip teens to win teens for Christ, building a Biblical mandate for youth ministry that enables them to “grow strong” in the Word of God and have the desire to become evangelistic in the Great Commission for the cause of Christ. Jesus’ final words in Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:8 declare the empowerment for the call in the promise of the Holy Spirit.

We endeavor to connect youth with Almighty God, family, church, Christ’s cause, prayer, living the Word, serve people, give generously, witness for Christ, show His love through us, and listen for God’s calling and His directions in their lives. Join us Sundays and Wednesdays for ELEV8 Youth in the ELEV8 Youth room or gymnasium.


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