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The Foundations class is for all Christians, age 10 – 100.  A firm foundation is vitally important to the Christian who hopes to stand against the enemy over a lifetime in service to Jesus Christ.  Use this class to build your foundation from scratch or fill in the gaps of the one you have.  The class covers many subjects in a survey manner. The three books used in the class are You are Welcome, First Things First, and You and the Local Church. The class will cover basic Christian doctrine, who God is, and what a Christian is. It also covers the purpose of the church and what the Christian’s role is in it. The class also teaches the basics of Bible study and value thereof.


Subjects covered include:

The questions of man
Man’s basic problem
The goodness of God
Jesus Christ is God’s answer
Faith is the key
A summary of the Gospel
Facets of Christian Growth
What is repentance?   
How do you grow in faith?
How is temptation overcome?
What is self control?  
How does God speak to you?
How to know the will of God
Keeping a family together
Thinking the right thoughts
Selecting a church      
The Lord’s Supper
Learning to love
Sharing your faith
Expressing your love to God
What is my purpose?  
Glorifying God
What is a disciple?
God has a plan
The goal of the local church


The foundations class will provide you a firm foundation as a Christian. A good foundation will enable you to stand against the enemy and win and grow as a Christian.


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