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All who desire to join Amazing Grace Church as members, and all members who seek to serve in a leadership position must take the membership class. Any position of service at Amazing Grace from teacher to greeter to usher is considered a position of leadership. The Lord desires unity in the local congregation. The membership class, as well as the other Christian Ed classes, promotes this by giving those who take the classes a common foundation to work from.
A person can become a member of Amazing Grace Church by accomplishing three things. First, the prospective member must fill out a membership application and turn it in to the church office. Second, the membership class must be successfully completed. Third, the individual will be interviewed by the pastor. He will want to get to know you and understand where you have come from.

The Membership Class covers the following subjects:

Amazing Grace Church History
What do we believe?
Doctrine in general
Man, his fall, and redemption
The trinity
AGF government
The church
Water baptism
The ministry   
Holy Spirit baptism    
Divine healing
The Lord’s Supper
The judgments
The second coming of Christ 
The vision of AGFI
Membership responsibilities

Completion of this class will give you a good biblical basis for our church’s beliefs. It is important that a Christian attend a local fellowship regularly and, through prayer and supplication, discover where he or she can serve God in the church body.


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