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The Men of Impact meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7PM. The meeting consists of praise and worship and then the current Bible study series. These Bible study series are prepared according to the Word of God and designed to enhance every man’s life. The Men of Impact are here to help men attain their dreams and goals in life and to encourage them that someone cares about their needs. Elder Johnnie Flathers is an awesome speaker and coordinator, and is the Director of Christian Education here at Amazing Grace. He is a cognitive leader and committed to the cause of Christ. Senior Pastor Dr. Josiah Drahorn stands behind this ministry with Elder Flathers challenging our men to press forward to the goal of becoming men of promise, first to their God, then to their families, church, and community.

Men of Impact strive to equip disciples and encourage and instill in them the “power of witnessing”. Often men relate to one another through competition. Some guys get into the game while others stand watching, anxious about involvement, ashamed of their sin or thinking they have little to offer to the world itself. At Men of Impact we have set the stage for men to come out of separation and isolation, seek help, and renew their relationship with God.

Join us…we need you!


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