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Our Mission

Our mission and general purpose shall be to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, fill the needs of our community and Tri-State areas offering educational development, economic development, and spiritual development, renewing the hopes of its people, re-awakening the dreams of a better future by providing every person with an opportunity to become self-sufficient. 

Our Vision

Our Vision for the Tri-State areas of Arizona, Nevada, California and to the uttermost parts of the World, is to see thousands won for the cause of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer to see every person prosper in spirit, soul, and body, both in the communities where we live and to the countries God opens up to us that we may offer leadership and equip His people with the Gospel. It is also our goal to see those that are in need set free from poverty and addictions, aid them in "literacy, job, and life skills" which will assist them in becoming "self-sufficient citizens" in our communities.

Our Goal

As of August 7th, 2011 we have moved into our New Church Campus, which includes the Auditorium, optimal Classrooms, Gymnasium|Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Administration|Corporate Offices and Ministries Center Office. We are operational with our "Mission, Vision, and Goal".


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