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Dr. Drawhorn is President, Senior Pastor and CEO 
of Amazing Grace Fellowship International Inc., President of American International University at Bullhead City Campus-Arizona, and Founder and former President of  Pentecostal  Assemblies of God of America.

He also serves as the International Chaplain for Bullhead City Law Enforcement Officers, previously served on the Kids At Risk Task Force, and served as a Supreme Court Appointed CASA Representative for the State of Arizona, representing the "voice of the child" in court.  
Dr. Drawhorn has appeared on TBN television programs, radio, and presented Conferences and Seminars throughout the United States, South Korea, Nepal, India, Japan, Thailand and Mexico, equipping the Church in areas of Leadership and Spiritual Warfare for 34 years. 

Dr. Drawhorm is a published author with books, DVD's and CD's available upon request. He is available for Seminars, Conferences and Revivals by invitation on our contact pageĀ of this website.

Dr. Josiah Drawhorn is a Graduate of The American International University, and School of Bible Theology Seminiary & University.  He has earned a Ph.D. in Pastoral Psychology, Ph.D. in Theology,  Doctorate of Ministry, Masters in Christian Education, Clinical Psychotherapist Degree from the American Institute of Clinical Psychotherapists (AICP) Certificate No.:AZ8437489 and a Non-Allopathic Holistic Medicine Degree by the American Holistic Medical Board. He has been a Member in good standing with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) since 2000 and a Member of ICAADA.

He is a Veteran of Viet Nam who served in the United States Marine Corps two tours in Viet Nam, recieving a Purple Heart and Meritorious Mass at Camp Pentleton, California while he was President Nixon's guard at the Western White House in SanClemente, California.



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Senior Pastor



Dr. Gailand Drawhorn is Co-Founder of Amazing Grace Fellowship International, Inc. and serves as Associate Senior Pastor of Amazing Grace Fellowship, President of Ladies of Grace Ministry, Worship Pastor and Band Director of Amazing Grace Worship Team. She is a published author and songwriter of many contemporary and christian country songs and worship choruses. A collection of her work may be found on her project CD "In Mama's Room", produced by HIS Recording Studios, owned by the Lavern Tripp Family, produced by Oak Tree Studios (formerly Big Time Music) located in Hendersonville, Tennessee at Trinity Broadcasting Network Studios (TBN) Her project was mixed at Raney Recording Studios in Branson, Missouri.Dr. Gailand Drawhorn has appeared on TBN television programs, radio, and presented Conferences and Seminars with her husband throughout the United States and Israel, equipping the Church in areas of Leadership and Spiritual Warfare for 32 years. 
Dr. Gailand has written 2 books, "Church Administration" and "How To Form a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization". She also has CD's available upon request. She is available for Women's Conferences, Retreats, and Concerts by invitation request at pastorgailand@myagf.com or admin@myagf.com
Dr. Gailand Drawhorn is a Graduate of American International University, and School of Bible Theology Seminary & University. She has earned a Ph.D. in Pastoral Psychology, and Clinical Psychotherapist degree, (AICP) Certificate No.:1020439. As a Graduate of School of Bible Theology Seminary and University, she earned her Doctorate of Ministry and Masters Degree in Christian Education. She has been a member with the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), since 2004, and Member of ICAADA.


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Senior Pastor



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