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If you are living for God, you will be attacked! The Strongman is a course in spiritual warfare. The enemy uses traps, snares, and deceptions that to ensnare and enslave.  The class will teach you to recognize the various tactics the enemy employs to harass Christians. If satan can get your mind off of God you will be of no use to the Lord. Learn to recognize the enemy’s age-old tactics and detect him when he is moving against you or others.  Learn to protect yourself, others, and your church family. The text for this class is Strongman’s his name…What’s his game? “An authoritative biblical approach to spiritual warfare.”
The class covers the following subjects:

The spirit of divination
Familiar spirits
Spirit of jealously
Lying spirit
Perverse spirit
Spirit of haughtiness (pride)
Spirit of heaviness
Spirit of whoredoms
Spirit of infirmity
Dumb and deaf spirit
Spirit of bondage
Spirit of fear
Seducing spirits
Spirit of anti-christ
Spirit of error
Spirit of death

When you recognize the enemy, you can fight him. This class will teach you to do both. You will learn how to defeat the enemy partnered with the Lord.


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